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It’s our firm belief that there is an exercise programme for everyone.  So why is it that less than half of us (at least) don’t get enough exercise?  A big problem can be that we are bombarded with messages of fit people going on about the latest fitness trend.

These fitness trends tend to have one thing in common – they’re damn hard to do.  Don’t get me wrong, high intensity, sweat it out exercise is great, IF you stick with it.  Unfortunately, a lot of people (a majority), don’t start, or stick to a high intensity exercise programme.  Fear not – you don’t have to exercise like an Olympic athlete to get the health benefits of exercise.  Actually, there is plenty of evidence that you can get the same health benefits from moderate intensity exercise as you do from high intensity exercise.  As with everything in the exercise space, the best programme is the one that you’re going to stick to.


No, your body needs challenging to allow it to adapt and get the full health benefits of exercise.  Actually, that isn’t strictly true; if you are not used to exercising, or deconditioned, then doing some low intensity exercise to start off can be great to get you in to the swing of things.  iPrescribe Exercise accounts for this and will put it in to your programme as necessary.  However, to makes gains, ultimately you’re going to have to raise your heart rate a bit

The other issue with high intensity exercise is that there can be an increased risk of medical complications for certain conditions.  At iPrescribe Exercise, we have reviewed the evidence and we don’t allow people to complete a high intensity programme if it isn’t safe for them.

Below is a list of the potential benefits of each type of programme

Same health benefits as high intensity Same health benefits as moderate intensity
You often don’t need to change in to specific clothes – you can do it whenever you have a bit of time spare


Only need to do half the time each week to get the same benefits


You don’t always need to shower and change afterwards – 30 minutes of exercise takes 30 minutes!


Will improve specific fitness more than moderate intensity exercise


It’s easy to divide it up in to blocks of 10 minutes or more throughout the day – eg walk to work in the morning and home in the evening.


There can be a great sense of achievement with achieving a specific goal you have?
A lot of people find the moderate intensity exercise less daunting and more manageable.  Research evidence suggests that most people are more likely to stick with a moderate intensity programme that has been adapted to their circumstances and life in the long term.


Wide variety of exercise options



The choice really is yours.  To get the benefits of exercise, you don’t need to be an elite athlete.  High intensity exercise is great, but it’s not for everyone.  Remember, the best exercise programme is the one you’re going to stick to

You don’t need to worry if you finding it hard to stick to your exercise programme intensity – iPrescribe Exercise gives you the option of changing.  If you’re finding high intensity too hard or are looking for more of a challenge than the moderate intensity programme, switch the programme in “Settings”.

If you have any other questions or would like further information, please feel free to contact us at

Lewis Manning

iPrescribe Exercise is free to download on the app store


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